Digital Skills Academy


The Digital Skills Academy is a project developed by Cre8te Opportunities in collaboration with City of Edinburgh Council and Job Centre Plus to address a gap in IT skills. It is aimed at unemployed people who are not on the work programme or people who work less than 16 hours per week.

Having basic computer skills can make you more marketable when you are searching for a job and more effective in the workplace. A computer can also make your spare time more enjoyable. It is standard practice for many businesses to post job offers on the Internet and accept applications via email or the web.

Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find a job that does not involve the use of computers in some way. Email makes it possible to communicate instantly with customers and other businesses. Many companies expect potential employees to possess a basic knowledge of computers in order to be considered for jobs.

That is why the Digital Skills Academy concentrates on helping people keep up with the new digital era. We engage with individuals and local social enterprises to help participants gain new skills and achieve employment.


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